Friday, November 2, 2012

November Thanks Blogs~~ 30 Thanks In Thirty Days

30 thanks for the month of November. One a day and I am already a day behind so today I will share 2.

I am thankful for being 'Under One Roof' with my husband of 35 years. It was not always something I was grateful for. We went through rough years and even separated for 6 of those. My Young Life girls and I prayed continually during those dark times 'Under One Roof'. God used my recovery from multiple kidney stone surgery to finally make that prayer come true.

Our secret is that we got back to praying together on a regular basis. Putting Christ in the center of our hurts and happiness.

My family is filled with the children God picked for me. I prayed so hard to be able to overcome infertility and have a child. What I should have been praying for was for God to help me be a mom and provide the kids that would be mine before I even held them in my arms.

Through adoption we received our glorious 4 children. Getting there was a test let me tell you. Our first adoption ended with the birthmom changing her mind after we had Logan in our hearts for 2 months. 2 other adoptions didn't work out any better. But  each broken dream and heartache led straight to the angels God had in mind for our family. Without those stones in our path we would not have the kids we now love or our precious grandkids. Crazy to think, OUR KIDS IN SOMEONE ELSE'S HEART AND HOME.

 Guess God did have the perfect plan for us all along. It was just up to us to stay faithful and never give up.

In Him,

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