Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Letter 2012

Christmas season is approaching as 2012 closes to make room for a new year. With every year we learn to lean on each other through the good times and the bad, to take pleasure in those we are blessed to have in our lives and to relax in the truth of God's promise that we don't need to walk through life alone. This year my children have shown me what living in faith can mean in our lives.

In July, Cameron and Brittney moved their three kiddos, black lab, and all their belongings to Lakewood, Washington to plant (begin) a Calvary church. A year prior, Cam felt called to make this move and Brit prayed with him and they rolled up their sleeves and made it happen. They didn't focus on what they were leaving behind but where God was leading. When they drove off with all their belongings in a moving truck they were headed to an area Brit had never even been. They went from employed homeowners to an out of work, homeless family that knew their future was in His capable hands. 'Follow me' was the only thing on their hearts and bringing others to Know Him. It has been five months and their first service for Calvary South Sound will be on December 8th in a local elementary school.

Natalie continues to bless lives of students here in Los Alamos on the special needs bus. She has also started working at the YMCA climbing wall in the evenings. It is sweet to hear her love of those she works with each and everyday. Her creativity continues to amaze me as she pursues interests in photography, art, and sign language. What is most impressive is her positive outlook on life as she patiently waits on direction while building a relationship with Christ. Twenty-two is so young to have such an unwavering devotion and faith.

Our Tanner has grown this year and is close to beginning his career as a paramedic. It makes my heart smile as he openly shares his commitment to his chosen path. Hearing him talk about his studies makes Ron and I smile, remembering when he was convinced school was just not for him. Our son who used to faint when his sister got a shot has gotten over his queasy stomach and now will be there for others at their most vulnerable times.  God knows our strengths even when they aren't apparent to us.

Dorothy, Elissa, and Hector joined Ron, Natalie, and I at Pismo Beach this summer. Dorothy and Hector plan to marry next summer. We love that God has brought this kind man into their lives. Hector includes us as family and that is an answered prayer. He even said that he knew Ryan and he would have been friends. They are planning on coming for Christmas and he said he would help me make the cinnamon rolls. What a gift to have him in our lives and loving on Ryan's family.

Ron and I are enjoying our mid 50s and starting to talk about retirement. We both shifted gears at work this year. I became a middle school teacher for the first time and Ron went back to a group he has worked with in the past but on a new project. If we only have a few more years to work we might as well keep them exciting and challenging. This past year we took a lot of time to travel and enjoy ourselves.

Grief still brings us to tears over our loss of Ryan but we cling to each other and allow ourselves the tears to get through. The ache of missing him will always be with us but the joy of having him as a part of our lives is even greater. God has given us countless blessings even through this greatest sorrow.

Remember, New Mexico is a beautiful place to visit and we have a guest room all ready for your visit. Blessings to you and your families as this year closes and the hope of 2013 begins.

In Him,


  1. Blessings to YOU this Christmas season. I know how tough it is to be missing a son but you are right, the joy of having been given them is even greater. Thankful you all seem to be doing well! <3

    ps, we love to travel and if ever given the chance to head your way, I will look you up. :) We live in Pa.

    1. absolutely come experience Santa Fe and our green chili