Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Natalie~ Best Birthday Present Ever

Easter, March 31, 2013

Text from my Natalie~~
Happy Birthday. I love you
more than anyone even if I don't 
act like it all the time.
You were supposed to be 
my mom and I am so
thankful for that.

23 years ago I blew out candles on 4 birthday cakes and 
hoped and prayed for a baby girl.
The next day my cousin shared with us that
her neighbor was expecting and 
looking for a family for this 
incredible baby.
Natalie was not due to come to us until June 25th.
Instead the day after we
found out about her she arrived 
28 weeks early into this world and into our hearts and arms.

God blessed me with an incredible, caring, creative daughter.
My heart's desire.

Happy birthday to me and to you 
my precious Natalie.

In Him,

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