Thursday, June 13, 2013

T-Man, What A Smile

  1. Love this picture of my T-Man.
  3. Being the third son in 27 months, 
  4. he learned to adapt and fit in
  5. at an early age. Tanner was quiet and 
  6. held back until his brothers explored and tried things out.
  7. Then he would step in and conquer whatever 
  8. task was at hand on the first try.
  9. He was the last to attempt but the first to 
  10. master; water skiing, karate and so many other things. 
  11. My silent observer would and will take the risk when
  12. he is confident enough to give it a go.
At 26, he is oh so close to being a paramedic.
Willing to step in and assist when people are
at their highest level of need. 
This is my son who fainted when his sister got her 5 year old shots.
Even though, I thought ahead about his fears of medical
and had him wait in the waiting room. 
Here he is, his fears set aside to be there for others.
I think his choice came after his older brother
and best friend, Ry committed suicide.
Thinking of the first responders who arrived.
They were unable to save Ry but were
able to save so many by putting themselves 
where most of us would never be willing to go.

I am so proud of this man, my son.
Life has not always been easy for him, 
sometimes because of his choices and sometimes because of life.
He is kind, generous, intelligent, gifted 
and someone that I have been blessed to 
walk beside on this journey to who he is.

Tanner is more than my son, he is one of my heros.
'T and Me'

In Him,

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