Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lissa's Infinity Times Infinity

"Noni, I can figure out what infinity times infinity is. Hmmmmm. I better get a piece of paper for this one." I love how my granddaughter is up for any challenge, even when she presents it to herself. Tanner's response to this one girl conversation was to explain that trying to figure that out is like, " forever times forever." That is perfect way to look at it.
All this kept our 100 mile drive intriguing.

My mom used to say long drives were her favorite because there was no tv or telephone. So people just conversed with each other and enjoy the scenery. Now there are phones, tvs, video games and texting. We are distracted by and engaged in while we sit in the car. Too often ignoring the person sitting right beside us. Back then only the blaring radio silenced the passengers. 

A few years ago, we were driving back with Natalie and her boyfriend from San Diego. To keep their conversation private they texted back and forth while sitting right beside each other. Times are changing. I learned Sign Language in high school and taught Ron so we could have our private conversations in our parent's automobiles back in the day.

Guess it is surprising that Lissa wanted a piece of paper to figure out that impossible math problem instead of grabbing a smart phone for the calculator function or just googling it.

In Him,

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