Sunday, July 14, 2013

Inevitable Yet

The Inevitable Yet

This is definitely a philosophy of life worth having!
That anything and everything may not be
 accomplished or perfected yet but there is still time
Rather than worrying and fretting 
over not having accomplished it so far,
we need to move forward toward our dreams.


I haven't published a book yet.
I haven't flown a plane yet.
I haven't been to Europe yet.
I haven't learned to play the accordion yet.
I haven't lost those extra pounds yet.
I haven't sang at my daughter's wedding yet.
I haven't roofed a house yet.
I haven't conquered my fear of escalators yet.

But I still have so much time!

How much more willing would we all be
and how much more could we achieve, 
if we simply spent zero time
fretting and regretting our past.
Procrastination and wrong turns,
bad choices are a part of our journey
and can benefit our future
if we put on the right attitude.

Life has yet to unfold completely.
So we all have the future to
accomplish and experience.

Thank you Lofty for this forward thinking concept.

In Him,

God is not finished with me yet.

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