Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baristas Matter

                                                      Do everything in love.
                                                       1 Corinthians 16-14

Sitting at STIR in Colorado Springs watching my daughter, everyone's favorite Barista. It occurs to me that the conversation and care she and her coworker give are what brings these masses into this hipster coffee shop, as much as the incredible coffee. 

She has officially been a resident of Colorado for a month, an official resident of the Springs for 48 hours. It is clear that the people in this shop adore her already. This mom is enjoying being witness to her interactions with faithful customers who have become her friends. This place is hopping and she and Brien, who claims to be the favorite barista, work seamlessly together to get the pie and coffee out. They both seem to be enjoying the work, the people, as well as the hectic pace.

I will have to look into this soft poll Brien speaks of that he claims gave him title of favorite barista. It occurs to me that Natalie wins at least by a hair length.

In Him,