Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Orphan's Spirit

Jealousy, insecurity, anger, frustration and judging others are the sins I deal with year after year. This leads me to struggle with feeling excluded and isolated. I envy those who seem to be surrounded by others who long to be with them. While I seem to be less important to those I love than they are to me. Measuring their hearts with my own insecurities leads to frustration and an aching sadness.  This admission brings me great shame. Being a believer and having a personal relationship with Christ I feel I have fallen short with this truth about my nature. 
The term orphan spirit was pointed out to me by a dear friend in conversation yesterday. It has been eye opening! While I have prayed for God to take away my sins I should have been praying to take away my  orphan spirit.

The orphan spirit causes one to live life as if he does not have a safe and
secure place in the Father’s heart. He feels he has no place of affirmation, protection,
comfort, belonging, or affection. Self-oriented, lonely, and inwardly isolated, he has no
one from whom to draw Godly inheritance. 
Therefore, he has to strive, achieve,
compete, and earn everything he gets in life. It easily leads to a life of anxiety, fears,
and frustration.”
 “The orphan spirit is not something you can cast out because it is ungodly beliefs and/or attitudes of our flesh that has been developing over a lifetime. It has become part of our personality and character. It must be displaced (put to death) by a personal experience in the Father’s love and a revelation of the spirit of sonship. This will require a re-positioning of our life.” Jack Frost
My prayers have changed as I start a journey to explore and surrender this 'orphan spirit' and replace it with a life changing security in my Father's love. To help me with this new direction I ordered the book by Jack Frost  Experiencing Father’s Embrace.

In Him,

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