Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Simply Walking Hand In Hand

      An evening stroll, a bit of exercise, casual conversation, just walking together hand in hand. One of life's simple pleasures. Ron and I need to make this a part of our daily routine. It is so easy to think we are too tired after work and just veg on the couch. Truth is we accomplished more this evening after making the time to walk together. We were even rewarded with a beautiful sky filled with clouds and sunshine.
       Life is evolving with the kids grown and gone. Just spending time together is so comfortable. I feel blessed that we have a back porch swing that faces a park full of families and happy sounds. Loving our time together lately, just strolling into our next years hand in hand. 37 years next week and feeling more blessed than ever with my sweet, sweet husband.
Happy Anniversary Ronnie B. You are still my Prince Hurdler

 In Him,

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