Wednesday, June 4, 2014

High School Sweethearts, Lifelong Love

The smiles in this picture always makes me smile. At our high school senior prom, I wanted Ron to look at me for the photo. The photographer was insisting we look at him. My comment was that it was our picture and we would look at it forever, not the photographer. As you can see, I won. Ron was commenting through his smile that we should be listening to the guy. I told him I really didn't care. This ended up being just one of a lifetime of pictures where I convinced Ron to look at me rather than the camera. The last one was for our church directory. Yes, we are the only couple looking at each other in the whole congregation. Even in that shot we were grinning at our disobedience.

Today is our 37th anniversary. What wonderful memories of family and friends coming together to share our joy. Ron and I are not even in the same state today. But our hearts and lives have never been more together. This is the first year we have lived just the 2 of us since the kids came into our lives. We are walking together, sitting on the back porch swing chatting, and enjoying being together. Life gets busy, even hard at times, raising a family. Our days are back to being just the 2 of us. What a marvelous time together as we look forward to retirement, trips, and time with each other.

Happy Anniversary to the man of my dreams~then and now.

In Him,

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  1. Sweet story and Happy Anniversary. Now take another photo of you two sweethearts looking at each other :)