Saturday, October 4, 2014

Jesus and the Pearl Garden or God's Warm Sense of Humor

90 years old! Next Friday my mother-in-love will be 90. She recently went to live in the Pearl Garden at a rest home. This is not where she wanted to go. Her heart's desire is to make the trip home past the Pearly Gates into her forever home.

This summer has robbed her of her independence. In June, she was working in her garden and cooking us breakfast. Two falls later she is in a wheelchair needing help to get in and out of bed and with every other need. Heartbreaking.

Her courageous kids found her a place that she would be cared for. When they arrived Jesus met them at the curb with a wheelchair to take her up to the third floor, Pearl Garden. It seems her children granted her wish as best they could. They delivered her to Jesus Arms and walked her to the Pearl Garden. Who says God doesn't have a warm sense of humor?

Next Saturday, many of us will gather to celebrate her 90th birthday. For some it may be a goodbye as well as a Happy Birthday. Mary has adjusted to her new Garden and is enjoying sharing her love of Christ for those who care for her. Even with a body that is failing her, she remains a powerful soldier in God's army. She is proof that our impact on others goes far beyond even our days on this earth. Her faith and love for the Lord has shaped so many of our lives.

Once she asked me what I would want of hers. I replied her Bible. She has written little words of wisdom throughout her Bible over the years. My comment that her Bible was so full of wisdom brought a chuckle. She reminded me that ALL Bibles are full of wisdom, not just hers. Recently, she honored my son, Pastor Cam, with that Bible. It is one of her greatest joys to see her grandkids reaching out to others to share Christ's love.

In Him,

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  1. What a blessing for Pastor Cam to have her Bible, and how nice she was greeted by Jesus to go to her new home in the Pearl Garden. That is so difficult to give up her independence, but her spirit sounds strong.