Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hand in Hand, Side by Side

It is true that we can retrain our brains. Ron and I began walking all over our friendly, little community this summer. At first, I went because I love my husband and wanted to spend time with him hand in hand. The truth is, I dreaded our walks more than I looked forward to them. I am so out of shape and the thought of walking up and down the hills of our town overwhelmed me. Thankfully, I went anyway.

Our walks are now something I look forward to each day. It is not just my physical self that is getting stronger, but our relationship as well. We have laughed more, shared more conversation with each other than we have in years.

Our habits and routines had separated us from our friendship.

We both had become used to spending time with coworkers and friends rather than each other. Saturday morning breakfasts with friends and going to church together were our together time prior to our walking. Even those times were not 'couple time' but time together with others. These walks have been our time and I love it.

Ron said he has lost 3 pounds and I have lost 5. That is not monumental but it is also not the point. We are loving each other and cherishing our time together. What a beautiful way to walk into our next phase of life, hand in hand, side by side.

In Him,

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  1. How sweet and healthy that you are walking forward together.