Thursday, November 13, 2014

Niacin Leads to Migraine Free Life

In my twenties and thirties I got migraines. It was a 36 hour painful, unproductive time for me. Every time I got one I had to check out on life until the throbbing ache left my head. This brought with it a feeling of isolated confusion. My reaction to these migraines was to lay down and withdraw until it was over.

27 years ago I had my last full blown migraine. Tanner was 4 months old, Ry was 14 months and Cameron was almost 3 years. Tanner and Ryan both had ear infections so I had not had much sleep. Ron was out of town and I had 3 flats of strawberries that desperately needed to be turned into jam. When I finished the jam I could have taken a break. Instead, I decided to cook up and deliver the ribs I was making for Chris and Rob Ynzunza who had just had their first baby. After cleaning up from all the messes, I collapsed on the couch. That is when I got the ocular wiggles and squiggles and spots in my vision. For sure I knew this meant I needed help with my littles for the next day and a half. Kathy to the rescue.

My mother-in-law had given me the book, Get Well Naturally.  It suggested that I have a migrainous personality. Someone who goes and goes and goes and then stops. That described me and when I got my migraines perfectly. It suggested taking breaks, get enough rest, and take niacin at the first sign of ocular disturbance.

It explained that the reason I got the ocular was because my brain was telling my body that the brain did not have enough oxygen. That is a major red alert for the body so it sends all blood to the brain. My big mistake was to lay down so no other part of my body was calling for any blood. More blood for the brain. Bad idea! By taking niacin and caffeine it opens all capillaries and walking instead of laying down helped the blood to be redistributed throughout and not all rush to my head.

The first time I used these techniques I avoided the intense throbbing of the migraine. It was life changing! So 27 years ago last May, I had my last full blown migraine. Today, I take breaks and if on occasion I get the ocular I take niacin and keep moving. It is still a pain to get the flush from niacin and chills after. Compared to the predictable 36 hour check out and throbbing pain this is a minimal disruption in my life.

I am so grateful for the little book with the big advice. I now have niacin in my desk at work, my car, my purse, and at home. Never again will I be without niacin to take immediately when I get an ocular disruption.

The past few days I have not been able to sleep past 3:30am. So the lack of sleep caused an ocular today. Treated right away resulted in a couple uncomfortable hours and then a mild headache. No problem. I am feeling blessed.

In Him,

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