Monday, November 10, 2014

Poor Cell Phone Reception Romance


Ron and I were missing each other when he was on a recent archaeological trip to Hopi. He didn't have much cell service so we hadn't talked in a couple of days. When he did finally get through I could only hear every third or fourth word he said. It was frustrating but great to hear his voice.

Finally before giving up entirely, he said in long drawn out syllables.


So romantic! I love my husband and his adorable heart. It reminded me that he has done so many things that touch my heart over the years.

When we were first married and in college we went out camping to just get away from our hectic schedules. Once he walked around and around trying to figure out how to situate the tent. I thought he was just being silly. Then in the morning, he woke me up with a hot cup of coffee and binoculars. He set the tent up so that I could see the elk gracing without getting out of my cozy sleeping bag.

Yep, I loved that man then and I love him today. IIIII LLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE HHHHHIIIIMMM!

In Him,
Joyful and Blessed

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