Monday, March 16, 2015

Grace, Prayer, and the Big Move

Oh what a courageous daughter I have. Natalie is moving across country from
Colorado Springs to Oceanside, California after landing a nanny job 
just 2 weeks ago. Most people need months to plan such a move but
our incredible girl has put all the pieces together in under 2 weeks.

She is leaving with just what she fits in her little, orange car and what
her Dad and I can put in his Blazer. Her roommates have
new living situations, she found a place to live and has a roommate
who feels that Natalie is an answer to her prayers. Yep! 
God has answered multiple prayers as 
He opened door after door to make this come about.
Her current nanny position found someone to replace her 
so she is not stranding or abandoning them. 
She will train the new nanny Thursday and Friday. 

Brave beyond belief if my girl.
She is working until 5pm Friday then driving here to New Mexico.
Spending the night with her Grandma in Arizona Saturday night.
Then leaving at 4am Sunday to arrive in SD in time to meet family
Sunday afternoon. 
She will unpack the few things she did not donate.
Her plan is to begin work Monday morning so she won't miss a day of work.

Natalie is moving across country without missing a day of work.
She just might be a superhero!

Change, even good change is stressful but my girl is doing all of this with such grace.
I would say, Natalie is proof in the power of prayer. 
I am so blessed to learn so many lessons from her.

In Him,

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