Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wrapped His Trip Home in Our Birthdays

Ryan wrapped his trip home in our birthdays. 
This April 5th will be 5 years since my sweet son, Ryan, took his life.
Easter is on April 5th this year. My birthday is April 4th and Natalie will be 25 on April 6th. 

Her 20th birthday was horrific. 
Enduring the death of her brother at such a young age is unimaginable.
Someone graciously went out and bought her a cake that just sat there.
No one was hungry for sweets or any food for that matter.
We were all just in shock!

For her 21st birthday, Ron and I took her on a train trip to Santa Barbara.
It was just necessary to get out of town!
Ron made the trip exciting with his encounter with the Federal Marshall 
that thought he was tracking someone.
Then he missed the train in San Bernardino when he got off at a smoke stop.
Ron doesn't smoke.

We could look at our loss of Ryan on April 5th as devastating our birthdays.
Instead, we choose to believe he wrapped his trip home in them.

I have ached and been heart sick the past 5 years missing my son.
But I don't worry about him.
He accepted and believed.
I have no doubt he is in Heaven enjoying a closeness with Christ.

Ryan touched so many lives and continues to be alive in our hearts.
Just wish I could wrap my arms around his neck. 
I would probably choke him before I hugged him 
for all the heartache.

In Him,

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  1. You are so brave and I admire you for these words and the love you have with your family. Our faith gives us the promise of a reunion in heaven, as you said.