Sunday, April 26, 2015

To Listen Not To Advise

How many times do we just need people to listen when something upsets us. Talking with them does not automatically mean that we want them to fix our struggle or even to give us advise on how to fix it. We just need to be heard. It is hard.

Recently, I have been in the position to be the one to be a listener but not an advisor. It makes it even harder when it is one of my children. I have spent a lifetime trying to guide and protect my kids. This time I need to be an ear nothing more. If I were trying not to grab something I would sit on my hands but that won't help to silence my tongue. This is hard.

I do have an opinion and I want to be heard. But this time I will do my best to listen and pray. That is my role. God has this. Knowing that makes it not quite so hard.

In Him,

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