Monday, April 27, 2015

Good Enough!

Good enough!

I was like most all of you when I was younger. 
It was my impression that everyone was better than me.
Smarter, happier, prettier, and every other way others were better than me.
Jealousy was a way of life. 
That feeling of not being valued or as valuable as others continued into my adult life.
Kind of the grass is always greener syndrome.
Comparing my insides to others outsides as Jenn would say.

Comparing me now to me then is insightful.
I am more at peace with who I am. Even though the aspects of my life that I was insecure about are more present than they were back then.
Age does that to us. Puts what is important in life into perspective.
It would be nice to go back and relive my early days 
with the confidence and understanding I have now.

At best, I would be thankful if I could impart those feelings into other young people.
Make them see how valued they are and
 how worthy they are of their own acceptance just the way they are.

In Him,

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