Friday, May 22, 2015

Eye to Eye Parenting, Aunt Judy's Bathroom Style

When our kids were little we followed my Aunt Judy's lead on a powerful way to discipline kiddos with respect. When a little one acts out don't holler at them in front of others. There is a much better way. A quick trip to the bathroom with just the 2 of you. Here is how it works and the advantages.

(I will say he but of course it worked with my daughter too)

What to do:
Kiddo is naughty in a group.
Gently take his hand and head to the bathroom.
Sit him on the closed toilet.
Kneel in front of him.
Ask what is going on if he is old enough to explain.
Give him some other strategies to try in the situation.
Great big hug.
Back to group hand in hand.

You have the child's complete attention.
Child has your complete attention.
Your conversation is eye to eye.
You have removed him from the situation to reset.
You give the child privacy.
You accomplish a change of behavior without punishment or shame.
It becomes a teaching moment.
Child returns to group successfully.

I watched my aunts effectively parent with this idea. I am so thankful for being able to use it with my own children. Of course there were plenty of times I didn't. Those were the times I yelled in front of others, didn't give them my attention and their naughtiness continued. At those times I was ineffective but to involved in my own activities. Being available to my children was the best gift I gave them. When I was.

In Him,

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