Sunday, May 24, 2015

Multi-tasking Not Alzheimer Fire Alarm


Thursday at our middle school everyone had to evacuate after I tried cooking my lunch in our classroom microwave. We all stood outside in the chilly May air, missing our lunches, ice cream socials wondering who pulled the alarm or what happened. It was me! My food went up in smoke, cracked the microwave plate and sent us all outside. Embarrassing.

After the firemen, fire trucks and ambulances all left I was left to figure out how to air out my oh-so-smelly room.  My coworkers speculated if I should retire this year instead of next summer. After all, burning food is one of the first signs of ALZHEIMERS. No! I was multi-tasking not flaking. Maybe a bit of flaking. Guess I pushed 13 minutes instead of 1 minute 30 seconds. It was a zero problem.

Unfortunately, after punching the extra zero I ran all over the school doing my jobs. Unattended the food went up in smoke. Thankfully there were no flames. I tried to get my principal to suspend me for a few days but he wouldn't go for it. Drats! Looks like I will be here the last 3 days of school. Yes I did wear I sign that said it was me the rest of the day. It was embarrassing but added some wow factor to our week. 

In Him,

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  1. Funny to look back on, but probably not at the time. Glad there were no flames.