Saturday, May 9, 2015

Prayer~ Being Drenched In His Love

Too often I worry rather than pray.
Complain instead of pray.
Lose sleep or fret over the situation.

When I finally take a breath and say a prayer
the peace that comes over me is like a warm breeze.

God doesn't answer all my prayers with a quick fix 
or even the answers I seek.
The peace and comfort of knowing I am not alone
in my circumstances is priceless.

“Not being changed by prayer is sort of life standing in the middle of a spring rain without getting wet. It's hard to stand in the center of God's acceptance and love without getting it all over you.” 
― Steve BrownApproaching God: Accepting the Invitation to Stand in the Presence of God

Being drenched in His love is the power of prayer.
Prayer takes the loneliness out of each and every situation.

In Him,

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