Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Time Has Come

Well we did it! Or should I say Ron did it? Ron made the call to retire from the Lab that he has spent 36 and a half years working at. That is a lifetime of tasks and a lifetime of friendships. It took him awhile to make the leap into this next phase of life. Work families are the hardest part of the decision to retire. Like when our kids leave the nest, relationships are never quite the same when they aren't a large part of our daily lives.

Everyone tells us not to retire at the same time. Ron will be starting the next chapter this summer and I will follow him in the summer of 2016. That gives him a year to adjust before I start my after middle school adventure.

We both have big plans of how we will spend our days. Ron with his Stone Calendar research, me with my writing and the possibility of supporting families with children with Autism. Our other big project is to remodel our home. There have already been meetings with contractors. Ron can play a greater role with his extra time. He has also been speaking with surgeons about his back issues. One thing is for sure, we don't plan on becoming spuds on the couch anytime soon.

The most wonderful part of retiring will be the opportunity to spend more time with our families. Now that three of our kids live on the west coast we will put some miles on Highway 5 for sure. It has been years since we have spent any time in Oak Creek at the cabin. That is another gift retirement will give us.

This new adventure will be bittersweet as we leave our beloved careers behind but the fresh prospects ahead will keep us looking forward. Hand in hand we are walking into the future together, grateful for what lies ahead.

In Him,

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