Saturday, May 16, 2015

School's Final Days

At this time of year, with 9 days of school left staff and students can get overwhelmed, stressed and generally done with school. We all endure the end of year exams, study sheets and the last dragging days until summer freedom.

At the same time, it occurs to me that we will never be together as a class again. Our 8th graders are moving on to high school and not all my students will be in my program next year. We spend so much time as a class over the year, sharing our lives, our hurts, our victories. It is bittersweet to be ending the year and moving on to new circumstances.

I hope we all take time to reflect on where we have come individually and as a class this year. This morning I had a pause as one of my heart kids gave me a rod iron heart he made for me. Oh how I will treasure this heartfelt gift.

What an honor it is to be allowed to share the lives of my students. They have taught me so much about every aspect of life.

In Him,

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