Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Home Alone List


Ron is in Peru for 12 days and I am at home by myself. No school, no commitments so what will I do? It is important that I come up with a plan so I don't 'hole up' and isolate myself from the world. So here is what I am committing to:

My Daily Routine

Blue Jean Bible Study
visit with at least 1 friend
walk 5 miles
drink a gallon of lemon water
clean 1 set of drawers or a closet
complete one task on my to do list
sleep past 5am

To avoid
TV and Netflix binging
Facebook or game binging
staying up past midnight

So I went to the store and bought all healthy foods to consume. I am blogging day 1 and I plan to set up visits with friends for the rest of the week. I got my 10,000 steps yesterday and I slept till 7:30 in the tent cot on my back porch. Kylie joined me and we loved being outside during the rain last night. The TV is off and hasn't been on yet. After I post this I plan to complete the intro and Lesson 1 of Blue Jean Bible Study. It is free online if you would like to join me.

It has been difficult for me to be social since Ryan died. Having another son struggling has me terrified and helpless that I could lose him as well. So I have just isolated myself from those that I love. It is time to change that. Please know that it has not been that I don't care but that I have been stuck. This is one of the most important things I need to change in my life. Bravery is not something I have much of right now. I pray I can follow through with my list of daily to do list.

Ron is such a strength for me. While I was gone he lived. While he is gone I need to live. Praying I have the courage.

In Him,


  1. Me, Me... I will help you combine 2 items on your list --visit with me as a friend and we can walk the 5 miles while we visit!

  2. Karen, could we walk one day next week? Call me or message me on Facebook.