Monday, July 27, 2015

Jackass Induced Amusement

We are all just a bunch of Jackasses!

This week we went for a ride through our towns horse stables. The kids in the van got a kick out of seeing all the animals. The cutest by far were the donkeys. It was of course my duty to point out that their other name is 'Jackass'. The van erupted in laughter. For the rest of the trip everything from the streetlights we passed to the toys in the car were gleefully renamed Jackass. They even set Siri to call their mom Jackass on her iPhone.

It is a Noni's duty to provide the unexpected that kids will enjoy and remember.
I got in trouble at my son's church when I volunteered to teach children's church.
First, I taught them a sweet prayer song that we shared with the congregation.
Where I went off course was when I decided to teach them some sign language.
Simply put, there is more Joy in the bad words even in sign.
So I felt it necessary to teach them the sign for poop. Since that was such a great hit I had to add a few other bodily functions to the lesson. Hmmm was I not aware that they would take those back to the congregation and their parents along with the sweet song I taught? Oops!

But boy did we have a hoot in both situations. I don't want to be a jackass and lie about being sorry. Times filled with laughter and kids are never a bad choice.
In Him,

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