Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lake Powell To Bubble Dancing

Lifelong love.

I look at this picture and have fond memories of our trip to Lake Powell that summer in 1975. Remembering the love we shared back then and realizing the love it has grown into is heartwarming. Ron and I began our love in high school in 1973. For months I told my mom that Ron Barber would call me. He did.

Our life together has not always been painless. There has been loss of parents, loss of a son, infertility, and a break in trust. But the gifts we have been given far outshine the heartaches. God gifted us with 4 incredible children, careers that make a difference and a heart for each other and others. 

I look at this picture and realize that if I could go back I wouldn't. If I could change one passage of our story I wouldn't. Even the skinny shorts belong to the past. Drats! Seriously, the life we have lived has led us to this time in our lives. We may have more silver in our hair and more pounds on the scale but we are here. Our love is deeper than it has ever been. We have a comfort in our relationship that was not always there. We look forward to our time spent together walking hand in hand, sitting on the couch with matching iPads in hand, or cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen. 

Simply put we don't work so hard at being best friends anymore. We are best friends like we were when we first met. It is Ron I prefer to spend my time with these days. In the beginning we couldn't get enough of our time together then life began to unfold. Jobs, kids, family and friends began to consume a great deal of our days. Just like every couple we didn't make a plan to spend time with each other, so often we just didn't. Now we are back to a simpler life with our home to ourselves and careers coming to an end. This is a new chapter of our journey together. A tremendous reward for the path we have taken together.

As I look at the smiles in our pictures of these days, I feel like the luckiest lady on the planet. I get to spend the next stage of life with my Ronnie B and for that I am so pleased.

Kenzie blowing bubbles on her dancing Noni and Papa.

In Him,

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