Saturday, July 25, 2015

Perfect Fit For A Tent Cot

My tent cot.

This didn't start out as mine. The kids and I bought it a few years back for Ron but he decided it was not going to work for him. Then Tanner tried it but didn't take it with him to California. I gave it to Heather to sell on a Garage Sale site but before she posted it I asked for it back. Next the plan was to take it to Washington for Cameron. He was not convinced he would have a need for it but I packed it in the car just in case. When we got to Natalie's in Oceanside I decided to use the cot part to sleep on myself. Later at Cam and Britt's I slept on their back porch comfortably in it. I was sold. It was mine.

I love it. Cool, airy and the bugs can't feast on me. There is a sleeping bag inside to keep me from getting a draft from the bottom. But if it gets too warm in the night I can roll off the sleeping bag onto the cool cot. It has plenty of room for me to use my iPad and watch Netflix, a pocket for my phone and even a pocket underneath to keep your shoes off the ground. 

What started out for someone else that wasn't a good fit has become the perfect fit for me. That happens to us in life sometimes. We are not sure what or where we fit in and wonder if that means we have little value. The truth is some know right away who is right for them and what career path to pursue. Some struggle to find their way. I wish we could look at it as a journey to an end not a failure to launch. Trying on several hats before finding the one that fits best is awesome.

My brother-in-law found his way to a fabulous life and career. After high school Paul worked on a fishing boat in Alaska, sold encyclopedias in Texas and worked construction in Arizona. Later he went to college to become an engineer. He now has a wonderful family and career. His experiences enriched his life and helped him appreciate and work hard for what he finally chose to pursue. Some research says we don't really know what we should do in life until we are 25 years old. Yet our culture tends to condemn teens if they don't jump right into college after graduating. 

I never considered using the tent cot myself. It wasn't purchased with me in mind. The thought was that it would be perfect for Ron when he was out working on his Stone Calendar Project. That wasn't the right fit at all. Maybe as parents and society we need to step back and let our youth find their own path rather than deciding for them what is the perfect fit for them. It really boils down to trust. Trusting that they can and will make the right choices with their lives.

In Him,


  1. I thought it may be a bit far fetched. Glad you liked it Ms. Wolf!

  2. Great that the tent found its perfect person, you! Our lives do often meander and we can learn along the way, just like you finding out the tent is meant for you.