Friday, July 10, 2015

"love us"

"love us"

Ron is in Peru on a mission trip one week after he retired. I am so proud of this man. He has worked for 36 years at our National Labs helping in his way to keep America safe. Now he is off on a new adventure to help others by tiling and painting a much needed medical clinic and bringing Vacation Bible School to 800 children. 

Our schedules got fouled up this summer. I went on a 3 week road trip to visit our kids on the west coast and Ron was supposed to retire and go to Peru. The plan was we would both be home on the 4th of July for our community firework celebration. Plans change. His trip got pushed back so I arrived home on the 4th as planned and he left on the 7th for 12 days. God knows. 

When he arrived in Chiklaya, Peru he called me. The connection was horrible and although I could hear Ron I couldn't understand a word. The only thing we could both hear was our giggling at the situation. As soon as we finally gave up and hung up the phone Ron texted me. His text was not all garbled by the way. In the text he ended it with "love us".  Now I imagine this was an auto correct gone wrong but I love it. I would much prefer 'love us' to love you. I know I love us and the life we have shared for the past 4 decades.

I know we are the lucky ones and life doesn't work out this way for everyone. Our life and our love is a blessing to each of us. So for that I agree and say,
"Love Us"

I wrote a poem for Ron when we were in high school.
not you and I 
but us
for we are one together.
Our friends love us
and see our happiness
and in it our goodness.
we need not disguise 
our love.
we cannot disguise 
our love.
everyone can see it in-

I don't remember the rest but will add it if I can find it.

In Him,

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  1. Nice post about you two. We are married 43 years so I can relate to long time love!