Sunday, July 12, 2015

Young Life Girls Become Family For Life

My girls, my family~~Young Life lives on in my heart and in the relationships and lessons we shared.

I was gifted with being a YL leader for years before we lost Ryan. When I signed up I believed I would bless these middle school kids with Jesus' love.  God quickly showed me that I was the one that would be transformed.

Our 3 word prayers brought me back 'under one roof', we spent time praying for each other, crying in a puddle on the floor with our arms wrapped around each other, and there was even feet washing. I set out to serve and ended being served and loved.

I have not been a leader for over 5 years now but the continued impact on my life, my faith and my heart still grow. Young Life gave me the courage to pray out loud for others. The girls taught me to drop everything and run to those who need me. When Ry died they were here in my house immediately and held me up. As one girl revealed the fresh cuts on her feet that she had inflicted others stepped forward raising their sleeves and pant legs to reveal their own scars.

Though we are not in touch as often because of college, families, and jobs, they continue to support me on FB and with their time and prayers. Tomorrow I hope to go to lunch with one lovely lady, today at church I had a perfect conversation and hug with another. They include me in their lives though invitations and allowing me to be a reference for them. What an honor to be asked to be a reference for someone. They choose maybe three people to share how great they are. When I am asked I feel so humbled to be one of their choices.

What I got from Young Life was far beyond the time and energy I spent. One of my fondest memories were the Saturday morning breakfasts at my house. Getting to listen to the girl's stories and see their faith grow was beyond anything I ever experienced. Each of them are on their own paths. My hope is that in good times and bad they remember that they never have to walk through life alone. Jesus is always only a whisper away. We are always ready to pray for each other.  A three word prayer.

YL helped me understand my life's goal..........To know Him and to make Him known.

In Him,

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