Monday, July 13, 2015

Treasure in Their Smiles

Ron and I are blessed with 5 inquisitive, energetic, loving grandchildren. Lissa is our oldest and she is turning 11 today. That means we have been able to enjoy the joys of being grandparents for over a decade now. 

Watching our sons and daughter-in-loves pour into their children is a pleasure. Do they parent just like we parented them? Thankfully, no. They are creating their own traditions along the way. It is true what a joy it is to have grandkids. 

Since Timmy is my only grandson it was safe to tell him he is my favorite grandson. He corrected me. He said since I was his Noni not his Grandma he must be my nonson not my grandson. Too funny. 

I just got to spend time with all but Amalia in Washington this summer. They had a blast playing together. Even though Lissa lives in Arizona and doesn't get to see her cousins often, their bond is so strong. I love that!  The times they get to be together are precious.  Cam's kids have only met one year old Amalia once but they talk about her, think about her and pray for her. The bond is there.

It is terrific that we have social media and FaceTime to keep in touch with each other. My hope is that once Ron and I are both retired we can take our RV and spend a few months near the grandkids so we can really be there with them. Then we could see school plays and soccer games. 

This Noni and Papa are feeling special to have our first 5 grandkiddos and look forward to the day that Natalie and Tanner add their little ones to the family. No hurry, everything in its own time.

In Him,

Happy birthday Lissa!

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