Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Connections Build Relationships

I love that my granddaughters both FaceTime me. What a gift that even though they are states away I can see their precious smiles and share their enthusiasm of their days. Last night, Elissa rang me up to help with her math homework. Ratios at 9:00pm. Time for me to dust off my math skills since I want her to call and work with me on homework. She shared her grades, showed me her most perfect handwriting and told me she loves science. Kenzie will often call after her bedtime for a few stolen moments of whispering. Oh how I treasure our intimate conversations together.

The connections that are possible today while we walk around with our cell phone video cameras are such a gift. I can't imagine not being able to share Timmy's lego creations or Kayla's reading me a book. Even little Ami came into Elissa's room last night pointed to me on the screen and said, "Mine." I love that she already knows at 18 months old that I am hers. She certainly has my heart.

Life is about connections with those we love. Each of us gets so busy with careers, activities, and just daily life but it is a treasure to take time to connect. I don't worry that having my sweet grandchildren living so far away means we won't be close. My own children lived far from their grandparents and that bond was there even without video chat. Living in today's techno-world, I am just blessed to actually see their smiles, homework, projects, and share in their days.

It is for me, some of the most precious moments of my day. I am still their snail mail Noni as well. Sending them cards and letters is also our thing. Tangible proof that we are connected not only by the internet. Even my mom who doesn't send cards loves when she receives one in the mail. She has told me for two weeks what a beautiful postcard of Slide Rock she got in the mail from me.

Connecting with others is what builds the relationships that are vital to our joy.

In Him,

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