Saturday, September 12, 2015

Phasing Into Retirement Papa Style

Ronnie B. retired in June and got called to Washington to babysit in September days after. I love how our kids seize opportunities! He is excited to spend a month visiting our kids on the West Coast starting Wednesday. This summer I had a chance to take a month to enjoy our kids and grandkids now it is Ron's turn.

He calls himself semi-retired because he kept his office at the lab and still goes in most days as a 'visiting scientist'. But how nice to have the freedom and flexibility to take these extended times off when he wants. I'd say after working almost 37 years it is well deserved. This is phase into retirement as Ron calls it. No sudden lose of work family or using his brain power. The best part is that he is not actually assigned to perform a particular task. So he can support his team wherever they need extra help without costing the lab any dollars.

I hope to map out a schedule for myself while he is gone. Last summer when he was in Peru was the first time in my life I had 12 days with no work, no kiddos to care for and no scheduled appointments. I knew I needed a plan so I didn't isolate with Netflix and bowls of popcorn. This time will be longer but I have my students, work family and many after school commitments. Still I am going to make a calendar to visit friends and go places.

God is faithful walking beside us in this next season of our lives. Cam and Brit are trusting this retired Papa with the kids and taking 4 days away for a Pastor's conference and a getaway for the first time in over 9 years. Papa will have a blast teaching our grandkids new magic tricks and getting them to school and soccer on time. What a gift!

In Him,

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  1. I think Papa and the kids will have a blast together.