Monday, September 14, 2015

Toilet Seat Up or Down

Toilet seat up~toilet seat down that is the great debate.
Are men inconsiderate if they leave the seat up?
Perhaps ladies, we are the inconsiderate ones for not putting the seat back up for them.

Now the toilet seat debate is really just a matter of perspective.
Too often in life, we feel wronged, neglected or mistreated by others.
The truth is there are probably more people out there that feel wronged, neglected or mistreated by our actions. Have you ever heard of a couple friends going out for coffee and felt left out because you weren't asked to join them? Think about the times a friend of yours has walked by while you were out enjoying time with another. They possibly felt excluded.

I am terrible about feeling wronged by others when their hearts meant no harm. It is time I/we give others a break and examine our own actions. Ron never leaves the toilet lid up thinking, "Gotcha, take that Barbara." Likewise, he doesn't sigh and think, "Dang, that darn Barbara left the toilet lid down again." He just lifts the lid and does his thing.

So why should I go through life annoyed that the lid is up or the toilet paper is put on wrong? I need to appreciate that the roll was replaced at all. That is of course when it is replaced! There I go again.
If we all sat down and looked at a list of ways we aggravated those we live with it would be shocking. Who knew I was supposed to recycle the milk jug when it is empty rather than just putting it back in the fridge. What? I am expected to empty the trash when it is full not just jam one more thing in the top.

Rather than pouting that friends and family don't call or invite me out enough, I need to pick up the phone myself. As they say yes to an invite or just engage in a quick conversation with me I realize that I am guilty of just what saddens me. Not being there for others the way I should be.

There are times when people do things out of malice. But for the most part we are all just walking through life unaware of the way we get under other people's skin. No negative, sinister motives involved. So hey, let's just lift the lid or drop the lid and go about our business today.

In Him,

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