Monday, October 26, 2015

Young Families Pastoring Communities

Two faithful examples of stepping out in faith and putting others above oneself.
I am humbled by their hearts for others and to share Christ with their communities.
Each live their lives joyfully raising their families to put others first.

Pastoring is not a 9-5 job.
Pastoring is not a one man job.
Families pastor communities.

1 Corinthians 16:14
Do everything in love.

I have been gifted with watching as these two wives have overcome shyness to shine with Christ's love. Lanessa and Brittney amaze me with the way they live their lives for Him. What incredible examples they set for their own children and all of us to do even what is not comfortable for you to allow others to see their commitments.

Cam's 2 minute messages, Brit's Women's Wednesdays online  and their commitment to Calvary SouIth Sound are growing people's faith that they may never even meet.  Shawn and Lanessa growing New Beginnings and making it a home to so many who would never step foot in a 'church' reaches far beyond the walls of their perfectly designed building. At the heart of both these ministries is not a focus on what they are accomplishing but how He is moving others through them. It is not about them getting the credit but bringing a relationship to others with Jesus. 

These two families are living in faith, walking on water each and everyday to bring 
Christ's love to anyone and everyone through their tireless efforts to build relationships for Him.

I love that their children are growing up JOYfully.
Others then

Happy Pastor Month Cam and Britt, Shawn and Lanessa and all the other families pastoring communities with love and grace.

In Him,

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