Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Teacher Voice

This makes me laugh. My mom accused me of using my teacher voice on her when I got bossy. I was the first one in my family to go to college. It meant a lot to my parents. There were probably too many occasions when I got full of myself because of that fact. So Mom would put me in my place.

Truth is that a college education doesn't make you smart. It opens doors of opportunity. My sister has worked at a middle school as the brains of the operation behind a secretary desk. The school wouldn't run without her and Diane. Teachers have arrived and departed over the past few decades as Teri learned to use new technology and reporting systems from her chair. I certainly wish others wouldn't use their teacher voice on her. 

Anytime we feel above others is wrong. We shouldn't approach situations from a higher, more insightful place just a different perspective. Of course, education and experience count for something. But I am well advised to keep my teacher voice in check. People quit listening when I get my high and mighty on.

So I will put my teacher voice away. It doesn't really even work with my students! Caring and relationships is what brings respect and a willingness to work hard. I think I will try my natural voice from now on. 

My teacher voice come in handy when I am alone in my car, windows up, shaking my finger at other cars however. 

In Him,

What a teacher's voice should be. Kind, encouraging, supportive, helpful, tender.
What a teacher's voice should not be. Bossy, demanding, degrading, judgmental, superior.

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