Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Yes, I Could Use Your Help

Our trees are loaded with apples this year and the bonus is there aren't many worms sharing our crop. Ron and I made applesauce together last night. Julie and I used to make gallons of applesauce every year when our kids were little. Last night Ron asked if I needed help and I almost said no. Wonderful thing is that I said yes and we worked together in the kitchen grinding out golden, delicious sauce. Our jars now stand proudly on the counter. We had a pleasant conversation while we worked sharing our month of adventures with each other. The feeling of accomplishment when our jars sealed was shared between us. 

I seem to write a lot about saying 'yes' instead of 'no'. Mostly about getting out and experiencing life even when I feel like hiding away. It hadn't really occurred to me that another way I say 'no' is by trying to do tasks on my own. Ron most always asks me if I need help. My common answer is no. Why do I say no? I don't want to bother him. The truth is I can do it without help. But he asked if he could help. He asked to be included. My answer should be 'yes' I would love your help. Last night I said yes and that simple word transformed the evening into a sweet memory. 

I once heard you should never do anything alone you could do with a teen when I was a Young Life leader. The premise was don't say you don't have time to hang with kids because you have to change your oil or grocery shop. Turn it into a together time where you include a teen and not only do they get your time, but may learn a new skill.

This is my 'yes' of this season of my life. To include Ron in what I am doing even if it seems like something I can definitely do alone. Ron asked when we would do more apples when we finished up last night. Guess I better go buy more canning jars.

In Him,

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