Monday, October 19, 2015

My Nephew~My Little Prince

                                                                My Little Prince, Chad

Chad is my youngest nephew and was our family's baby until my 2 nieces came along years later. He was always the adorable little kid with the great big smile. Even at 25 years old and well over 6 feet tall his is forever my Little Prince. Lion King came out and Chad became my Little Prince so I could be the King. A sweet connection that kept us familiar even while living far apart.

Chad always asks a million questions about people and somehow remembers every detail we share with him. Unfortunately, his favorite aunt has a tendency to fabricate if I don't actually know an answer to one of his questions. That is just something my dad taught me. Chad often reminds me of my stories from our past conversations. Oh how I love this young man. His thirst to know more about those around him is refreshing in a world where we seem to be more focused on ourselves than others.

What a reminder he that I should listen twice as much as I speak. After all, God did give me 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a reason. It occurs to me that Chad knows more about me and my story than most people simply because he asks. For example, he reminded me that I rode a horse in a television commercial when I was still in high school. I totally forgot about that. When did I even tell my nephew about that adventure?

I need to follow this brilliant, inquisitive, young man's lead and close my mouth unless it is to seek information about others. The more Chad shares his own experiences with me the more he reminds me of Ron. It is not only there faces that are so similar. Right down to their taste in wild, flowery shirts their personalities just mesh. No wonder I adore this nephew of mine.

In Him,

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