Friday, November 27, 2015

Encircling Moms Consult With A Marketing Expert Who Happens To Be My Brilliant Niece

Encircling Moms~ I so want to start this movement. Silly me let getting the logo right for our business cards stop my moving forward. Nothing just seemed right. Yesterday at Thanksgiving, my beautiful, brilliant niece April looked at our idea to have Moms with empty nests give an hour of their time to moms whose kids are still at home. The idea is just a little break,  a help from one mom to another. Empty nest moms have said yes to helping so the next step is for me to order cards for us to hand out to any mom who is in the season of raising kids. After we get the cards we will begin passing them out and hopefully go around to let the churches in our town know about our idea and see if others want to help or could use our help. Spreading His love is the idea. 

April helped me take a step back and see that I didn't need the perfect logo showing moms with their arms encircling moms. Rather I needed to find an image that means something to me. Hearts. This simple water heart has always been a powerful image to me. To me it represents how we should live. God's love flows into our hearts and we are called to splash that love onto others. Perfect. Just like the concept of Encircling Moms where we are sharing our understanding that somedays a mom could really use even an hour off. Splashing our love on younger moms is an idea that fills my heart. 

So I am going to get someone to tweak this image and make it our own, order the cards to pass out and get this movement off the ground. Time to stop procrastinating and making excuses. God is gently pushing me forward. My pastor son, Cam, told me that I need to get the domain for it. Another lady heard about it from a friend and wants to interview me about it. A program in our town wants to put it on their list of resources for new families moving here. My sister-in-law said she wants to start one in Flagstaff. Wait! This is just an idea not a real thing. Who said this was a real thing? All of these combined gives me the nudge that this needs to be a reality not a concept. I need to get off my I'll do this someday butt and make Encircling Moms work. God knows and he is certainly putting His stamp of approval on this ministry with all the gentle reminders. 

Here we go. Wish us luck. Call  to help or encourage. Encircling Moms cards by the first of the year is the goal. 2016 is going to be great with moms encircling moms one hour at a time. Years ago this began with my mom sharing her heart by taking others to medical appointments. Me in the backseat as a little girl watching my mom simply being there for people in need. Mr. and Mrs. Lindley were the first but not the last that my mom reached out to and touched. Now this legacy of wrapping others with our help is coming full circle Encircling Moms.

In Him,

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