Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mom, Me And Our Black Friday Shopping Spree

Mom and I have been going to Black Friday for about a decade. The first year we took Natalie even thought she was losing her cookies in the back seat. That didn't even get her out of shopping! In 2012, I was in the hospital with kidney stones so Tanner got Thanksgiving dinner from Smiths. Mom assured me that she WAS going shopping for Black Friday with or without me. I went. Sweated, pained, but I went.  The reward was that she found me my forever jewelry box while I was in line at JC Penneys. 

You must understand our motivation. Not only are the deals fabulous but Mom has a 20% discount card on top of the savings for working at Penneys for a lifetime. We have tested the situation and it is true that the deals on BF are better than any other day of the year. Mom bought waffle irons that flip like in the hotels for everyone one year. She decided the next day that she wanted one. It was still on sale but instead of 9.99 it was 24.99. Proof that it is worth our 3am wakeup call to get the best deals. 
Another obsession Mom has is to get her great-grandkids the snow globes they give out at Penneys every year. So we not only shop, but run in and out of every entrance stuffing snow globes in our purses to get enough for all. 

For years we loaded up Thanksgiving leftovers and went to a hotel to hot tub, rest and be ready for the 3am alarm. This was back in the day that Mom drove to New Mexico for Thanksgiving. We would get all the gifts, bring them in on the luggage carts, wrap everything, hot tub and be ready for a nap by 10 am Friday morning. She would then take all the gifts I bought to AZ and I would have her gifts for our family and no one had to mail a thing. 

Sadly, Mom doesn't share these memories of our Black Friday excursions anymore. She begins to remember bits and pieces as I share in vivid details our adventures. Tomorrow we are going to trek up to Flagstaff only to go to the Penney's sales for the snow globes mostly.  I don't know how many shopping sprees we will have in our future. But I am blessed to have my Mom here and that she is willing to give it one more go.

In Him,

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  1. Sweet story of you and your mom having a blast (mostly, kidney stones aside) shopping together on Black Fridays. Sad she doesn't recall all of it, but your memories are priceless.