Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Gift of Encouragement

We are not meant to criticize and tear each other down. 
We are meant to wrap each other in our arms and comfort and encourage one another.
Saying we will pray for someone is not the same as listening to them
then acting on their needs.
If someone is hungry it is not enough to pray for them to receive food. 
It is on us to go and get them food better yet share a meal with them.

Too many of us feel alone. 
It is not just my students at the middle school that feel isolated and unwanted.
Who in our community needs us to reach out and embrace them?
Who can we call on when we need to be comforted and encouraged?

It is hard for me to imagine living my life without Christ.
Sharing Him with others is not only necessary but urgent.
What if it meant nothing to you when someone said they would pray for you?
Without faith what does prayer even mean?

Praying for others shows them they are valued.
Whether or not they share our faith, they can see our heart for them
through our willingness to pray.

Follow up.
When someone shares their heartache with you, follow up.
It is so difficult to reach out for help.
The courage it takes is huge.
The needs of others can so easily get buried in the bustle of life.
Following up, keeping in touch shows we care.

Be honest in your encouragement.
Never give a half hearted~'everything will be fine.'
Listen and hear others fears and concerns.
Walk beside them as Jesus walks beside us.
Be only a whisper, a phone call, a text away.

In Him,

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