Wednesday, November 18, 2015

To Finish It Up or Binge Netflix

You just wonder about situations like this. It brings up a lot of questions about how and why this happened. It appears their is a driveway in the bottom of the picture so why didn't they stop the sidewalk there? Looking ahead there seems to be plenty of space to continue the sidewalk forward.

Someone dug the forms and poured this sidewalk it didn't magically appear. So what was their thinking continuing it only to end it or leave it unfinished? Curious. What about the people who walk along this sidewalk? What do they do when they get to this point? Continue walking forward in the grass or do they move over and walk in the street? Will someone ever return and continue this sidewalk and actually finish it?

I don't know why this picture gives me such pause. At first glance, I just enjoyed it for it's seeming connection to Shel Silverstein's poem. Then, I began to think about the people involved in this sidewalks existence and their thoughts. Finally, this disconnected, unfinished sidewalk reminded me of tasks and situations in my own life. I know I am getting strangely deep over a simple sidewalk.

The reality is that too often I don't have the follow through to see tasks to completion. I start out with great intentions and what I plan to accomplish is worthwhile. But then life gets me distracted or off course. Sometimes I go back to try to complete my project but often the initial fire and drive have left. It makes me sad when I don't take the project to the finish line.

How many of us like these concrete guys have projects laying around? If you are a quilter it is the big box of fabric that never got used. I personally have too many have made crochet projects laying around. My excuse for those is that I can't remember what size hook I used so I couldn't possibly continue on. These are left undone even though I took the time to purchase the yarn, plan the project and sat and stitched for sometimes hours before setting it aside to collect dust.

The reality is the world won't end if we never get those projects or this sidewalk finished. But what about the tasks that we left undone that really could benefit us? Those are often set aside because it is just too hard to get them done. So we avoid them and they sit in a corner waiting. I know after Ryan died Ron and I could not bring ourselves to do income taxes for three years. The problem is it was not a choice we could even legally make. Eventually, we needed to finish that sidewalk.

Putting off what has to be done whether at home or at work is something we all are guilty of. But like our taxes avoiding them only caused us anxiety and worry. If we would  just sit down, plow through and get it behind us what relieve we would feel. I realize that our nature doesn't always take the easy path or complete things in the most efficient way. I guess that is where determination comes in.

This is a most rambling blog but the good news is I am finishing it. Now off to see about doing something about my pile of clothes in the bedroom. Ron is still waiting for me to get that pile picked up and put away. It has only been 38 years.......and counting.

In Him,
Joyfully giving myself a break,

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  1. What an interesting post. Sometimes it does one good to have a profound discussion, to ourself or others, about insignificant things. Good for the brain, I think. Blogging has taught me to observe so many things I missed before. Have a great day.