Thursday, November 19, 2015

FaceTime, Soup, An Onion and a Bowl of Puke

Okay, I reeled you in with my title. It is just gross enough to make you curious. Last night was another FaceTime first for Ron and I.

 First, Natalie called me up while she was making Black bean Siracha soup. She set me on her counter as she cut up the jalapeƱos, onions and garlic. I got to interject my helpful Mom tips on how she was proceeding. It was pointed out that I probably should have taught her the proper way to cut an onion when she was under my roof. For a moment there I almost teared up  during the onion dicing!

Next, our sweet 9 year old grand, Kenzie, called to chat. We sat on the couch chuckling it up with her antics while our 7 year old grand, Kayla, was succumbing to the stomach flu in the background. Kenz seemed oblivious to her sisters sickly sounds. Their Mom and Dad came in and out of the bedroom comforting and emptying the bowl as we chatted on about books she was reading, what she wanted for Christmas and even her favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

We got quite a kick out of the fact that we can share, states away, with the daily lives of our family. What a gift it is to be a part of each others lives in such intimate (losing your cookies is about as intimate as it gets) ways. Later, we spoke with KK as she rested between bouts. The darlin' laid with her head on her makeshift bed on the floor and we got to pray with her and comfort her.

I wish our family lived closer but am thankful to be Noni and Papa in 2015 with the technology to stay so connected. We can't get the flu over FaceTime, can we?

In Him,

I added a picture of an onion because any other pictures would be over the top sharing.

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