Monday, December 21, 2015

Dog-Like Love, God-Like Blueprint

What a gift that we have this blueprint of how our love for others should look. The very first characteristic of love is patience. These are key words as we gather this season with our families. We look forward to time spent together but the truth is each of us comes from our own homes where the temperature is just so, the food tastes a certain way, even bedtimes can vary. Gathering together under childhood homes brings back not only pleasant memories but the hard times as well. So patience is correctly put at the top of this reference on love. 

Let it go if there is a towel on the floor or the toothpaste lid is not replaced. Be patient if someone needs to take a nap when the kitchen is not cleaned up. Jesus gives us the perfect example of how to love one another. It is ours to hold onto or toss it away for our own egos. 

The story of the husband and the dog comes to mind as I look at these attributes to love. If you lock your husband and your dog in the trunk of the car, only one will be glad to see you when you come back in an hour to let them out.  The truth is none of us would lock our husband or our dog in the car. The fury would be intense! But remember to be doglike as you gather with family and friends this Christmas season. Enjoy the connections and let go of the little annoyances. Memories are made as we accept each other without finding fault.

Be sure to take an enormous amount of pictures. Get in the pictures even if your hair is not just right or your make-up never got put on. We never know how many times we will get to spend time together. Many are grieving the loss of a loved one who won't be at their table this year. 

I am going to be dog-like minus the licking your face and wagging my tail. But I hope my heart is as filled with joy seeing the ones I love.

In Him,


  1. Thanks so much for visiting Joyful. What a beautiful post for today. May the Prince of Peace bless you and all your friends and family with a very Merry Christmas. Families are wonderful but how true your post is to life. Give us all grace to love one another.

  2. Love this post Barb, so true. I hated being in pictures until I lost my mom and realized I wanted more pictures of her. I will give my kids those memories even if I think I look awful. To them I will look like mom.