Saturday, December 19, 2015

Peabody Gathering Here I Come

It will be a crazy day of flights, family and friends. Today I fly to Arizona for my Aunt Laura's 85th birthday celebration.  I have sniveled, whined and pouted that my Peabody family never gets together. The truth is they do get together but I rarely join them. My family all live in Arizona, most of them in the Phoenix area.  So they do gather for birthdays and such. I am not included because I live far away and can't usually make it. It is not because I am left out.

So this time, this gathering I am attending! I will fly this morning, get picked up by a dear friend for a quick visit from the airport, enjoy family and fun, drive an hour and a half to my Mom's, then leave to drive home for Christmas. Natalie is driving in from San Diego. We will pick Lissa up in Flagstaff and four generations, including my Mom, will be on our way to New Mexico by 5AM tomorrow morning. I would plan to make this a less whirlwind trip but Tanner and Cameron's families are flying to New Mexico Sunday.

Crazy, brief trip but more than worth it. I will get to see the Peabody Coan gathered to celebrate our oldest members birthday. She always has a brilliant smile on her face and a God Bless you on her lips.

Happy birthday Aunt Laura I am thrilled I get to be there for your special day.

In Him,

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