Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Even If Your Voice Shakes

Building trust with others is one of the most valuable acts of love. It breaks my heart when someone doesn't trust me with the truth. The truth is that honesty sometimes takes courage to admit that we have made a mistake or misjudgment. But admitting our shortcomings makes others respect you where being dishonest about it leads to frustration. 

I am struggling with someone I love choosing to cover up rather than be transparent. It breaks my heart. How have I failed to let them know that it is okay to share even their darkest moments with me. I don't want to be a judgmental person that has to be shielded from the truth. It is my job to accept others as they are unconditionally. 

My heart breaks when I find out that someone would rather lie to me than tell me their truth. Please know that initially I may seem angry or upset but I will come around to loving you in spite of your choices. 

These two things I can control about me. 
~Be a person others can trust with the truth.
~Have the courage to speak the truth.

In Him,

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