Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Slopes of Pajarito, Barber Style

Los Alamos was named one of the 10 best secret ski towns by National Geographic. Pictured… more

I was fortunate to work here one day a week for season passes for our entire family. We could leave our house and the kids could be on the slopes within 30 minutes. Yesterday, we watched home videos and enjoyed seeing them swoosh down the slopes so young. Living in Los Alamos, our kids were veteran skiers and snowboarders by age 5. It was a family activity that we all loved. Each had their own personality even on the slopes. Ryan was the daredevil, take no prisoners snowboarder. Natalie was always getting her Dad to film her feats of beauty. Tanner boarded with his pack of friends, surrounded by others. Cam was the confident one able to take any double black diamond with ease. 

My 18 year old nephew, Troy, came out to ski one year. I took him to the gentler slopes of Santa Fe to get his feet (and butt) wet. The next day I turned him loose with my 3 sons at Pajarito. Those little munchkins took him right to the black diamonds. Troy said he felt like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz tumbling down the steep slopes. He was a bit sore the next day to say the least. But he admitted learning that way without knowing what he was getting into launched him as a great skier. Launched is the operative word. 

We had many years of enjoying our mountain, friends and family. The winters were wonderful as our kids grew up on Pajarito Mountain.

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