Thursday, December 17, 2015

Facebook Shut Out

How easy it is to get my feelings hurt.
I was pouty this week because no one was liking my Facebook posts.
How could all my friends not like anything I had to share. 
Why wasn't anyone reading my blog?
Did I do something to offend everyone?
Maybe I need to try harder.

This morning I finally checked my settings. 
I had it set so I was the only one who could see my posts.
I have been Facebook invisible since December 13th.
Guess people can't like what they don't even see.
Wonder how many real life situations I misread.

How silly of me to get upset in the first place.
To allow myself to feel unloved because I wasn't validated on Facebook.
The reality is I get used to the interaction with all of you.
I depend on your comments, prayers, and likes.
Being connected matters.
It never feels good to feel like the one who is left out.

In Him,

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