Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Empty Cup~ Mouse In The House, Deer In The Drive

No coffee for me this morning. There is a mouse taking a nap, possibly a forever nap on my kitchen floor. Ron left to do solstice research last night so there is no one in this house brave enough to remove this furry visitor. He had to pick this day right in front of my Keurig to reveal himself. UGH! 

It is snowy outside but no school delay. I quite possibly have to trudge through the snow in the front yard to avoid going out the kitchen door past my little friend. You are probably thinking I could just do the mature thing and scoop him up in my dustpan. NOPE. That I am pretty sure that is not going to happen. I will beg one of my heroic IAs to come by and do the dirty deed for me with the promise of cookies. 

Ok, I was brave and just checked. He is still napping in the same position. I am now convinced his nap is the forever kind. I would have had hot coffee in my hands right now if he had been kind enough to disappear back in the cupboards. I know that makes no sense. Now I am curious why he died. I didn't even know he was here. Is there poison in my house that I am not aware of? He couldn't have been scared to death by the cat. We don't have a cat. Hmmmm. 

Guess I can make it one day without coffee. Glad he won't be roaming around anymore. But I will get ready with the bathroom door shut tight. Then creep out the front door with Kylie braving the snow instead of the mouse.

Addendum: So I don't usually add to a finished blog but today is the exception. I finally got up my nerve and scooped the little guy into my dustpan. The motivation was that today is garbage day. If I waited for another brave soldier to rid me of my peaceful pest then he would be in the can all w eek giving me the here-jeebies. 

The next adventure began when I dragged the can to the curb. There was a one-antlered deer standing frozen behind my car. As we met nose to nose, I screamed. He jumped. I screamed even louder. So this is a mouse/deer kind of morning. Not to be confused with a deer mouse mourning. Although there is a little sadness when even a mouse dies.

In Him,

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  1. What a marvelous example of writing. I sure enjoyed this post. I can just see you in your reaction. Merry Christmas Joyful and thanks for the story.