Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It Is Just 30 Days, Right?

I am supposed to tell others I am trying the Whole30 program. My niece had great success with it. It is stripping away a lot of foods for 30 days then reintroducing them to see which have positive and negative affects. So today is day 3 with no dairy, grains, sugar/substitutes, legumes, and as few preservatives as possible. The other restriction is no measuring or stepping on a scale. The focus is to get a healthy system not focus on weight loss. Although they assure us that will happen too.

For sometime I have felt I need to eliminate dairy from my diet. Cheese and breads are the foods that I crave. This will give me the feedback I need to assess if I just need to eat them in moderation or cut them out completely.

This 30 days is as much about discipline as anything else. I have a difficult time committing to anything without cheats along the way. A few years ago Natalie and I went on a juice cleanse for 10 days. I was so proud that I could actually follow the rules and not put a bite of food in my mouth. I am a great idea person and a decent starter. When it comes to sticking to it I rarely do.

In the Whole30 program description they give you the dos and don'ts then said it is not hard. What! They point out that losing a family member, divorce, cancer are hard. This is not putting certain foods in your mouth. Okay, it shouldn't be hard.

Pray for me that in 28 days I will be healthier as well as proud of myself for not giving up and giving in. I can do this. Now will I?

In Him,

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