Sunday, December 27, 2015

Moving Forward While Moving Away

No blog yesterday since we left at 4am to drive Natalie part way back to San Diego. We went as far as Grants, NM just far enough to see our son who is incarcerated there. He got stopped with illegal substances on his way home on the 23rd. We had a chance to see him but were not able to speak with each other. Since it is a holiday, there were no lieutenants to give him a pin number to make the intercom work. He also has not been able to call us or his lady because of this pin. It feels like a heavenly intervention that he has been so cut off. This has been a time when he has had to stand alone in his choices. That we saw him 3 hours from our home but he had no idea how or why we were there is only truth was that we are his parents no matter his decisions.

We have had fruitful prayers for our son with wonderful, forgiving people. The truth that came out of all those prayers is that grace must be the focus. Grace for him, grace for ourselves and his grace for himself. His path ahead is uncertain. God knows and is walking right beside him through the loneliness and shame. I believe there will come a day when our precious son turns completely away from the choices that chain him. Until then we will love him and seek guidance on how to be there for him through prayer.

1 Corinthians 16:14
Do everything in love.

It is not for me to understand all my son is going through. It is for me to love him unconditionally. It is not for me to enable him to continue on this path. It is for me to be there when he seeks help to change. 

In June he was homeless in California. In July he was in a place with a job and a direction. So for  6 months he has moved in the right direction, working, saving, going to church. This may be a slip, hiccup, one time set-back. The consequences will be severe, harsh as they should be. The days, weeks, months ahead are unclear. It is for me to believe that through our prayers he can move closer to a healthy, joyful life and farther away from the agony of drug addiction. He's my son.

In Him,


  1. I am sending you hugs as you continue being his mom in your beautiful way. Please care for yourself too in the difficult days ahead.

  2. Hugs and positive thoughts for you and you family. You are such a role model on so many levels.